Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Perceptual Indulgence Through Disorienting Awareness

Amid the daunting din of binary babble, I now raise my own voice, plunging finger after finger into the keyboard, whose clicks blur, word after word, into quick bursts of incomprehensible effervescence.

I am a Surrealist. I indulge in a limitless variety of intellectual oddities through deliberate cognitive aberration and aberrant perceptual impositions. I sometimes offer these impositions for the stimulation or amusement of other intellects. Now, for example.

Perception, a thing defined only through its undefinable means, offers a boundless wealth of exciting awarenesses. The less one takes for granted, the more is granted to the sensory connoisseur. The infinitesimal sprouts the grandest conceptual ornamentation. Infinitudes flash into monoliths of bold simplicity. The umbration of a black flame casts mystery across all sights, sounds, textures, tastes, smells, and ideas. All perception is combustible before this black flame, this illuminating darkness, this means of unrelenting inspiration.

The unknowns of the universe, which outnumber all possible perceptions, can rend awareness agape with gravid Ifs. The inexhaustible beauty of wonder is thus offered to the daring mind. To the timid or disinterested, it can result in distress or even despair. Yet even these can yield further pleasures, with the right perspective.

Whether as a source of inspiration or of terror, the unknown is a boundless source of yet more unknowns, leading to an abyss overflowing with abysses.

As long as the unknown has a place under a pebble or in the next tick of the clock, there will be an abyss for the mind to explore to its detriment or delight.

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