Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Black Flame

Essential to my approach to Surrealism is the concept of "the Black Flame."

The Black Flame is a symbol of the Satanic essence. It is used to describe the diabolical spark that distinguishes Satanists from other types of humans. I offer here an elaboration upon this concept that I find true and useful.

Integral to this concept is the idea of the Dark Force. As explained in the Satanic Bible, the Dark Force is an "untapped reservoir" of power, a "many faceted key to the unknown -- which the Satanist chooses to call "Satan" (p. 62). This is the unique energy that the Satanist identifies and develops within himself or herself for the fulfillment of desires and the enhancement of experiences. It is not a "spirit," but a consequence of successful alignment with one's individual nature and with the nature of the universe.

The Black Flame is the Dark Force as harnessed by an individual Satanist.

When directed outward, the Black Flame opens everything around it to doubt and its attendant mysteries. An accomplice of the imagination, the Black Flame can enhance everything from playful fantasy to scientific experimentation.Through what I call "umbration", it can introduce the dynamics of Darkness into even the most stagnant ideas.

The Black Flame also functions inwardly, drawing into the Satanist, its generator and host, the myriad stimuli of profound indulgence. Delicious foods, sexual fulfillment, potent knowledge, unique experiences, and other objects of desire are like iron filings before an electromagnet to those charged with the Black Flame.

Just as the color black absorbs the full spectrum of visible light, so the Satanist, ablaze with the Black Flame, takes in the diverse delights of his or her self-centered universe.

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